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My company was established in 2010.

Having studied in a completely different domain, that of science, I had always considered fine-art photography as my decompression zone, a means to meditation if you like. The more I delved into the world of telling stories, and “hearing” with my camera what would otherwise would remain unspoken,  the more I realized that I should shift towards this call. What was initially a meditative process, started transforming into further study, then into personal necessity,  and eventually into my actual line. 

I was always touched by the manifestations of love, not only when people are seen in public, but when they share heartfelt, original moments with their family, friends and beloved ones. Working as a wedding photographer naturally ensued. My philosophy is sticking to the essentials: Have the people I photograph see, not how they look like, but how they truly are;  Preserving memory to me is as important as peeking into moments that might have gone amiss, because that actually tells the story of who we are and how life is. 

I shoot editorial storytelling styled imagery mostly on my own, but no person is an island. To that part I have been blessed with magnificent assistants, documenters and talented people of the industry, who like family have my back. I strive to use even the slightest potential with a strong belief that two heads are better than one and I am constantly ready to embrace the new and sustain the original. 

Aside from shooting destination weddings, tented affairs, and love stories, I am deeply fascinated by continuous learning, as I believe taking education always one step further is the best shot we have in making both our work and our lives more meaningful. For this I have established The Secret Owl workshop, a series of annual hands-on learning for wedding photographers who wish to expand their spectrum, build their personal strengths and build confident, powerful portfolios. Sharing knowledge, and finding our own voice, while retaining ethics and motivation is key for anyone who wishes to become successful. I myself love being taught and inspired. 

So far, the journey of my company has been a wondrous one; it is a course that has kept me awake at nights, sometimes puzzled me, or brought me shivers of joy, and it is worth every single minute, expense and effort. I suppose a challenge we are all faced with -not only in my domain, but everywhere- is the occasional shoot-for-the-stars adversary. Be it a rivalry, the skids of a country, or merely a hazard, this is proof that one’s personal quest is evolving, hence my conviction that challenges are a great teacher, and eventually auxiliary, rather than hurtful.  In the long run, there is more to one’s work than just business. And to that I have been rewarded with great collaborations and strong friendships that sourced straight from doing what I love most. Love is the thing, you know.


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