Nella’s Ioannou 2017 Bridal Collection

The wedding creations by the designer Nella Ioannou are attires that do not exclusively follow the strict rules of Haute Couture. They are influenced by the Arts in a free and imaginative way. Theatre, poetry, cinema, music, painting as well as the everyday life are the sources of inspiration. From her early steps, the designer has proved that a wedding can be simple and still be luxurious.

Having this notion in mind, she creates wedding dresses mainly based on lace and fabrics with which it can be tangled. Romantic ruffles, silk flowers, lace weaves, unmatched to the common eye textiles, airy fabrics, transparent fabrics, embroidery, playful veils, elaborately fairy- tale head pieces are all it takes to make you a true fashion icon on your wedding day.

The details of modern romanticism and the color palette are a step away from classic.

The designer’s alternative proposal is wedding dresses with unexpected cuts and details, such as airy capes with fringes, adding charm all the way up to the final touch. Pastel tones of pink, lilac, mint green are alternative choices that can transfer the brides to be into the designer’s fairy land.

Diligently semi- naked figures with secret side cuts for the bold ones, neo- Victorian designs with tall necks for the traditional ones, bohemian designs and pieces of textiles for the free spirits.




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