Get dressed with a touch of luxury and fantasy for summer weddings

The formal dresses proposed for summer weddings are of an equivalent philosophy. The designer proposes intense bright colours to make our hearts colorful, to cheer us up and make us smile. Nothing fix heavy or dull.

Tulle dresses mixed with muslin, beset fine fabrics and an intense color scheme that create mild contrasts turn you into fairies popping out of a fairy tale.

Clothes of simple feminine lines, chiffon transparent fabrics with luxurious details are also a trend often proposed by the designer. The ultimate trend in Haute Couture is off the shoulder clothes that discreetly expose one part of the body, creating a playful look.

Clothes falling on either side of the body or clothes with cutouts combined with absolute symmetries. The summer trend of 2017 with a touch of affordable luxury and fantasy for all of us!

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