Make up trends by Ioannis Michalelis

We finally welcome 2017 with a simple and natural look!

No more thick eyebrows, intense eyes and contouring. The scenery changes!

Let natural beauty emerge through simple lines with bright or nude touches on the eyes and lips. The natural look sounds easy but it’s difficult for a woman to achieve it and let her skin breath.

Bye bye contouring, welcome highlighting!!!!

Let’s brighten the nose and forehead, leave our angles aside.

Highlighting the right parts of your face will make everyone focus on them! If you can let go of contouring, simply choose pale and earth tones.

That will give a warm look on your face.

This year the eyes are the centre of attention! Your gaze is mesmerizing us! Pale and nude tones, bright colours, light smokey eyes, our favorite shiny shadows- the pitch tones are a must! Careful girls! Eyeliner pencil only in bottom lid!

Pale skin and the less is more attitudes will serve you fine! You can also skip the mascara if you like. Do dare to highlight your lips with a timeless red lipstick. Leave the mat tones aside- this year the pearl tones will become your new favorite!

Have fun girls!

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